Enter the Digital Menu

A new and unique Platform that brings together all services!​

Your easy and beautiful Menu on any smartphone using a QR Code.

What is the Digital Menu?

Why take risks with paper menus and tablets that pass from hand to hand?

It is the solution that keeps your establishment functioning normally and, at the same time, protects your customers and your staff.

Earn the trust of your customers and let them use their own mobile phone to consult your menu, place orders and pay, reducing the need for interaction.

We don't like to complicate!

It's all very simple!!


Create your Menu simply and quickly


Receive the PDF with QR Codes in 48h


Enjoy free of charge and no loyalty periods

Menu Digital

Main advantages?

The faster you adapt to the new reality, more quickly regains your customers' trust. With the Digital Menu, your business doesn't stop and your customers have a safe and intuitive digital experience.

Link or QR Code on your customers' mobile phone.

Beautiful Digital Menu, intuitive and easy to consult.

Featured products and other promotions.

Divided by categories, with or without photographs.

Additional information by product.

Updating and managing the menu in real time.

Live Management of Orders and Deliveries.

Stop Sales function, so as to avoid order overload.

Avoid cash receipts use Simple Payment.

Evaluation and Discounts.

No monthly costs!

Disclosure of your Products

We will advertise your business through our means:


Client Application

Store and Delivery Application

Sending Newsletters

Social Media Promotion

(Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter)


Dissemination to Social Aid Communities

How the Digital Menu Works?

For your Customers

Consult your personalized Menu on Mobile.

Place the order online without having to call the employee.

Choose the Payment Method.

Receive order confirmation.

How the Digital Menu Works?

In my Business

Order is received on the Tablet and / or your printer.

Order preparation.

The staff takes orders to the table.

Customer is satisfied and evaluates the service.

Payment types we offer

Simple Payment Options

The digital menu Free most beautiful on the market!

Ready to start?​